YCF International Network of churches


Yahweh Christian Fellowship recognises that there are many churches and ministries that globally, are making a significant difference to their community and city. However, the increase in Church planting has meant that some churches, despite achieving great things, have not benefited from wider support, fellowship and accountability. It is our belief, that all independent churches and ministries can have mutually enriching relationships that will enhance and strengthen their ministry. In view of this, YCF offers independent churches, affiliation to Yahweh Christian Fellowship. The word ‘affiliation’ comes from a Latin word which means to ‘adopt as a son’. This adoption / affiliation means that long-standing, as well as new churches can become affiliated without losing local authority or their local vision for ministry.


The YCF Affiliation Network, emphasises relationship and not control, serving rather than being served. It is designed to provide relationship, empowerment and accountability for churches who desire to progress and base their ministry on sound biblical principles through spiritual leadership. Affiliation encourages churches to benefit from the spiritual wisdom of YCF Senior Pastor / Bishop, Noel McLean and other ministers from within the YCF Network of affiliated Churches.


Affiliated Churches and Ministries maintain:

  • Local Authority and autonomy.
  • Name of Church or ministry (unless you indicate you would like to use Yahweh Christian Fellowship).
  • Local Vision or national vision.


Affiliated Churches and Ministries must indicate affiliation by:


  • Details of affiliation on letterhead and website stating “Affiliated to Yahweh Christian Fellowship International.”
  • Reporting every 3 months to the national or international oversighting minister.
  • Willingly submitting to the counsel and wisdom of the YCF Senior Pastor / Bishop or one delegated with his authority.


For further details and an application form, please contact the YCF head office on pa_snrpastor@ycfinternational.co.uk   +44 (0) 2086824527