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Street Families

YCF as a registered UK registered Charity currently host and support two projects called, Hope For Street Families and Mercy Cups. YCF adopt a holistic approach to serving communities and one key aspect of this approach, is the practical support and education of those that live in deprived communities or those that have been rejected by their community for social reasons.

Hope for Street familes
Since 1997, we have identified that one area of a community that needs tremendous support, are the individuals and families that live on the streets often in unhealthy and inhumane conditions. As a consequence, many of these individuals are not engaged in education or able to access appropriate services like healthcare and welfare. Therefore as a Charity, we have been providing food, education, clothes and encouragement to individuals and families who live in these conditions. We achieve this primarily by visiting these communities with a team of individuals who possess various vocational skills and experience.

At present, YCF solely fund the trips and the support of communities but are actively seeking sponsors. If you would like to sponsor our mission work, please feel free to donate through our online facility. However, if you are interested on sponsoring or funding our work, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail on or in our main office on 020 86824527.

Mercy Cups

The Mercy Cup project started in 2015, provides hygienic sanitary products for women with poorer backgrounds in Kenya. With the donation of just £5 you would sponsor a woman in Kenya to receive one menstrual cup that will last her up 10 years.The Mercy Cup organisation helps women between 11-50 years of age. The project is directed at those from poorer backgrounds that do not have access to sanitary products. The mercy cup is a menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone, and unlike tampons and pads, this technology offers a sustainable, practical and cost effective solution. These are reusable and only need emptying, washing and drying. Using a menstrual cup will make a significant environmental difference by ending the contribution of disposable menstrual products to the earth.

By giving £5 you will allow women and girls to be able to go to work and school. One in ten girls in Africa misses school for the duration of her period each month. You have the chance to change this.
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IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GIVE MONTHLY TOWARDS OUR PROJECTS, please click the donate below. Your giving will help to provide a regular place of refuge and food for poor families.Simply confirm the amount and tick the monthly recurring box.

Thank you for your time and support

Rev Noel McLean

Overseer of YCF International missions