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YCF Mentoring Destiny Program

“Making progress-Fulfilling Destiny”
Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced Mentor and a less experienced Mentee. The YCF mentoring program is designed to assist individuals in order for them to see progress and experience fulfillment.

The program will operate with a group of Mentors who can essentially provide Teaching, Advice and Motivation for the Mentee.

How will this program operate?
Each Mentee will be assigned a group where a Mentor will provide mentoring for a maximum of 12 people over approx 14-15 sessions with each session lasting approximately 45 minutes. There will be a 20 minute presentation and a 25 minute time for questions, answers and prayer. After four sessions a review will take place in regards to the Mentee’s, Progress, Potential and Performance. Mentee’s that would like to continue the program beyond the 14 sessions must re-apply through the mentoring co-coordinator. Each new program is generally adapted to ensure the growth of individuals that would like to continue.

When will the program be run?
The program can run at the discretion of the Mentor and Mentee however, general Mentoring sessions will take place on the last Sunday of each month (1.45pm-2.30pm) with the 3rd Wednesday of every month (7.30pm-8.45pm).The mentoring group will consist of no more that 12 people. The current program will run for approx 9 months.