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A Word for You!

Are you fulfilling your destiny? Ephesians 2:10
When we solely become preoccupied with creating our longevity on earth, we lose sight of our purpose for living. It isn’t enough to simply desire to live long and not live a life of purpose, a life of destiny. What is destiny? Destiny in its simplest definition, speaks of future events. These events are often shaped by the decisions we make now, in other words, the force of our choices and will shape our destiny. From a spiritual perspective, destiny is what has been preordained for us. However, preordained does not always mean that destiny is unconditional. The following, are some key principles that will help us to fulfill our destiny.

Foreknowledge. God has a unique way in communicating with His children and He speaks in the context of ‘foreknowledge’. This means that God will speak to us in a way that might totally contradict our current disposition and circumstance because He knows our destiny. For us, this can be a paradox, a mystery but the clue to our personal future is embedded in the things that God says we shall do and who we are in Him. God will often describe to you a person you do not currently recognise but will surely become! Begin to keep a journal of Words that you have received specifically about your destiny. Believe them, pray into them and ask God how you can partner with Him to ensure that they come to pass

Contending. Your true destiny will invoke the biggest resistance therefore you must be willing to contend for it, to fight. In Joshua 12, the Bible reminds us that Joshua led Israel to defeat thirty-one kings in order to gain the territory that was ordained for them. There will be many ‘kings’ that need to be overcome by faith but you can do all things through Christ that gives you strength(Philippians 4:13). I have been saddened when people with great destiny walk away from their purpose because of warfare. If they had just continued to press for a little bit longer, they would have seen the promise fulfilled. Don’t allow your enemy to exploit you through weariness. Rest and recuperate but join the fight again!

1. Discernment. Ecclesiastes 3:1. We need the skill at being able to see into the true nature of a thing and to know when something should be done. In 1st Chronicles 12:32, the men of Issachar understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take. It is crucial for you know the right way to do things and the right place what you do, needs to be done. Learn to wait on the Lord for clarity. Some people have carried out actions based on passion and not wisdom and clarity. Deception is always designed to hide wisdom, knowledge and understanding from a person of purpose and destiny.

2. Paternal wisdom. 1st Cor 4:17. We all need guidance regarding our destiny. Find someone who has a genuine heart for the Lord and for you. Tap into their wisdom and experience by asking questions and exploring the strategies they used to step into their destiny. Experience is a great teacher and just by asking a question from someone who has more experience, will cause you to maximise a life opportunity. However, paternal wisdom goes further than simply passing on wisdom it is also about revealing conduct that will not abort progress. We all need good role models in our lives; leaders that we can follow and imitate in terms of godly character and conduct. Fulfilling destiny can be challenging and when you have a developing vision, it is important to have the support of a mentor.

3. Being open to God’s innovation. God can put in your spirit new ways of doing things; new people that you would never have chosen to be part of your destiny. Never be quick to reject a method or disqualify people unless it is clear God cannot use them to advance His purpose in your life. Paul was not expecting God to alter his life direction whilst on the Damascus rd neither did he expect God to bring Barnabas into his life and then Silas as a destiny partner.

I want you to know that you are not reading this article by coincidence; you have a great destiny. Make quality choices. Choice is the power to reveal a preferred path. Your destiny is therefore the manifestation of your life choices. Don’t dismiss what God has said about you simply because your current life context is in opposition to the Word. Let the Word reshape your life context. I know that your level of warfare has cost you much but the level warfare who experience is often an indication of the magnitude of your purpose and destiny. So keep pressing and fighting, your destiny is worth it!

Noel McLean
Bishop of YCF Network of churches