Bishop Noel McLean

Bishop Noel Mclean has been in ministry since 1989 and has served in various leadership and ministerial positions that has helped him to equip and release countless people into a more fulfilled Christian walk and ministry.

He is a widely respected teacher and preacher of God’s Word with recipients testifying to a dynamic and revelatory experience. As a result, Bishop Noel have been blessed with opportunities to minister in various countries and currently provides ministerial oversight of churches in the UK, Africa, India and Pakistan.

Bishop Noel has a heart to be a leader who is committed to ‘fathering’ and with a team of anointed leaders, works towards having a holistic approach to ministry that ensures that effective ministry is built on humility, service and relationship.Bishop Noel believes everyone has gifts and ministry potential regardless of their age that is designed for Kingdom use.

With this in mind, he leads YCF in a way that gives room for people to be released into their ministry whether it is internal or external to the local church.

Bishop Noel was recognised by ACEA, receiving an award as one of the key contributors to the Afro-Caribbean Church in London. Bishop Noel currently oversights the YCF network of churches internationally and has a range of community and para-church responsibilities namely,vice Chair of Churches in Communities Int, Chair of the Wandsworth Borough Deans, Chaplain to the Wandsworth Met Police, Chair of the Wandsworth Strategic Hate crime group and board member of the Wandsworth S.N.B.

Bishop Noel has been happily married to Pastor Sharon since 1993 and they have four wonderful children. He believes that the stability and growth of his family is connected to the stability and growth of his ministry.