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If you have opened this page, then you have taken one of the most important steps in your life. There are four simple steps that I would like to take you through:

The Need for forgiveness
Everyone of us have made a mistake at some stage in our lives. However there is a nature within us that compels us to speak, think and behave in a way that separates us from our loving saviour Jesus Christ. This “nature” is called Sin and once we sincerely acknowledge this inherent nature to Jesus, we can turn away from Sin and receive forgiveness from Jesus for all the wrongs we have committed. Test

The Need for a Saviour
Throughout the age of Cinema, the one thing an audience loves is a hero, a saviour. A saviour who delivers against the odds, a saviour who turns up just in time to defeat an enemy!

Well Jesus Christ 2000 years ago died for your sins and against the odds made provision for you to be delivered from the strongholds of a sinful nature. Acknowledge your need for Jesus as your saviour today, He is not dead but alive for everyone that will receive Him.

The Need for a new life
Life is indeed a privilege but life with purpose, peace and fulfilment is a gift from Jesus. This “gift” is referred to in the bible as being “eternal life” which not only describes an existence beyond this world but a quality of life today which inspires us to live a life of holiness and integrity.

The Need for direction
Many of us like to be in “charge” or be ” lord” over our own lives. However when we acknowledge that without Him we lack genuine strength, direction and wisdom for our every day lives, He lovingly becomes our Lord and sends His Holy Spirit into our hearts to abide.


If you sincerely desire to receive Jesus today into your heart and be a committed Christian then pray this simple prayer:

“Dear Lord Jesus,
I acknowledge that I am in need of forgiveness. I recognise that sin has separated me from you and today I say sorry and ask you to forgive me.
I receive you as my Saviour today and turn away from all that offends you.
I ask you also to be my Lord and by your precious Holy Spirit, birth new Life in me right now.”


Ensure now that you find a Church that teaches and preaches the good news of Jesus Christ. If we can be of any further help to you, please phone, write or send an e-mail to us.

Online Discipleship Course

This course is designed for new converts and will help you to understand the basic principles, or precepts, of Christianity. To start the course please select it from the Library menu.